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Your Permanent Solution for Leaking Showers

Is your shower experiencing persistent leaks and water damage?

We can provide an expert and permanent solution…

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Signs of a leaking shower

Signs of a leaking shower may include water stains, dampness or mould growth on walls or floors adjacent to the shower, a persistent musty odour, or peeling paint/wallpaper in the surrounding area.

If you suspect a shower leak, it's essential to address it promptly to prevent further damage.

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What are the consequences of ignoring a leaking shower?

Ignoring a leaking shower can lead to severe water damage, structural issues, and even mould growth. Ultimately, you’ll compromise the integrity of your bathroom, damage adjacent areas, and impact your home's overall safety and hygiene.

Timely repair is essential to prevent costly repairs and ensure a healthy living environment.

Frequently asked questions about leaking showers

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What are the common causes of a leaking shower?

Leaking showers can have various causes, including deteriorated grout or caulk, damaged or improperly installed waterproofing membranes, plumbing issues, or structural damage.

We perform a comprehensive assessment to determine the exact cause of the leak and talk through your options.

What are the different methods or solutions available to fix a leaking shower?

Do a search online, and you’ll find a number of national franchise companies recommending some kind of ‘new grout’ solution with a lifetime guarantee.

In our opinion, this is a band-aid solution, and the guarantee is meaningless — it’s only a lifetime guarantee on the grout and not your leaking shower. (Ask us to show you a copy of their terms and conditions!)

We have a few permanent solutions depending on the specific cause and extent of the leak. 

All of our permanent solutions are guaranteed for 10 years.

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Are there any temporary fixes or DIY remedies for a leaking shower?

While there might be temporary fixes or DIY remedies that can provide temporary relief for a leaking shower, they often fail to address the underlying issue and lead to recurring problems.

To ensure a lasting solution and avoid further damage, consult with our professional team.

Nearly all of our ‘leaking shower’ customers have tried and failed with a temporary solution or one of the maverick ‘new grout’ companies.

How much does it cost to fix a leaking shower?

The cost of fixing a leaking shower can vary based on factors such as the cause of the leak, the extent of the damage, and the required repairs.

Our team will provide a detailed quote after assessing the situation and recommending the appropriate repair options.

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Ready to Fix Your Leaking Shower?

We aim to address the underlying issue and prevent future leaks. Our goal is to deliver a reliable and long-lasting solution, ensuring your shower remains leak-free for years to come.

Contact Melbourne Building Design Group today for expert assistance in fixing your leaking shower. Our team of professionals will conduct a thorough assessment, provide personalised solutions, and deliver high-quality repairs that restore the functionality and integrity of your shower. Fill out our short contact form or call Jake on 0425 789 577 to schedule your consultation.


Trust Melbourne Building Design Group - Your Leaking Shower Repair Experts.

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